Jungle Safari of Nepal

Jungle Safari of Nepal

The identity that Nepal has been acquiring is the country of world’s tallest mountains and really kind-hearted and helpful people. Yes the things that you have heard about Nepal is absolutely right. But Nepal is not all mountains and kind people. This wonderland has much more to offer to the travel enthusiast. The oldest nation of South East Asia is full of mind-boggling facts.The magnificence of Nepal is never-ending. Nature has shown all grace to this small yet enriching country. For all the adventure seekers, Nepal has the adventurous activities like Bungee, Paragliding, Trekking, Hiking etc. Now you may be wondering what left then. We are here to tell you just that. Nepal is the country of abundant wildlife too. The hundreds of birds and animals has been well-preserved, so you cannot simply miss the amazing jungle safari of Nepal.

Jungle Safari of Nepal is especially popular in the lower belt of Terai. To give you the tip of iceberg, Nepal is the home to 185 species of mammals, 850 species of birds, 5067 species of flora. These figures are alluring alone, but what’s amazing is when you experience this nature’s offering yourself. The deep jungle of Nepal is a complete journey all together. Taking the bumpy road into the woods by dotting the animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhino, and Gharial Crocodiles is something you may dream everyday but guess what, it’s the time to see your dreams come true.

We will still be staying at luxury accommodation depending the place and availability. So, all your comfort is well taken care of. The National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, has been proven to be successful in preserving the natural habitat and the creatures itself.

So, at this time, you may be wandering, where to go to book the jungle safari and, what are the happening place to witness all those birds and mammals? Then, no worries as Aarya Tara Travels and Tours just happens to be the expert in these tours with the experience of more than 10 years. The greatest Jungle Safari in Nepal are:

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan Jungle Safari takes you to this amazing journey deep into the core of nature where you will be welcomed by 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 20 species of snakes and 126 species of fish. Established in 1973 AD and listed under UNESCO world heritage site in 1979 AD, Chitwan National Park lying at southern Central Nepal renders some of the most exhilarating jungle experience you will not find elsewhere.

Bardiya Jungle Safari

Bardiya is undisturbed Natural Park and has preserved the animal and birds in its most raw form. Park is surrounded by river Karnali in the west, Churia in the north and river Babai in the center. The presence of 30 land creatures, 250 birds and reptiles make it the ideal destination for all the nature lovers. The worth remembering camping at the park, presence of artificial waterholes and machaans, and choice of accommodation assures you the value of money and time.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari

Easily the bird watcher’s paradise in Asia, Koshi Tappu Wildlfe Reserve (1996) renders endearing experience when it comes to birdwatching and jungle activities. Lying at southern-eastern Terai and covering the total area of 176sq.km, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the home to 290 species of Birds, 27 species of Mammals, and accompanying aquatic creatures. The Reserve was declared Ramsar site in 1987. Reserve was established to protect rare wild water Buffalo (Arna) and has successfully done that with the 150 Arna at the current time.

Sukhlaphanta Wildlife Safari

700 species of flora, accompanied by subtropical climate and large grassland magnets the birds and mammals in the Sukhlaphanta Wildlife reserve. If you want to see and capture those colorful birds, then you are in luck again as the reserve is the home to 423 species of birds, making it the dream destination for bird enthusiast also. Bird species like swamp francolin, rufos-rumped grass bird, bushchat, etc. ensures you the dance moves in the sky and the color worth capturing and remembering. The migrating birds surely adds more to your overall experience.

So, think no more and call us to book your jungle safari packages.