Photography Tour of Nepal

The magnificence of Nepal is ready to be captured, so make sure that you have your camera handy with you.

Nepal, the oldest nation of south East Asia has plethora of natural and artificial offerings that you simply cannot miss with you camera. Easily, one of the most photogenic places of the world, Nepal has got something to all travel and enthusiast and photography lovers.

The blistering mountains, wildlife, adventures and of course the colorful festivals and customs is what Nepal offers to you and your camera partner. Nepal is the home to 8 of the world’s highest mountains measuring the altitude of more than 8000m. The list does not ends there, as Nepal is the home to  185 species of mammals, 850 species of birds, 5067 species of flora. These unbelievable numbers are enough alone to drag to this mysterious land. And still we are not done, as Nepal is equally rich in the architectures, temples and palaces. Once ruled by Kings, Nepal still shines with the glorious creation of by gone days. The Durbar Squares and the temples which were ahead of the time is all there to satisfy you and your photography needs.

The best part of the Photography tour is Nepal is photo ready at all seasons. In the wild, you can capture all those exotic mammals including Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhino, Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Leopards, Jackals, etc. If you move up to the mountains, then there are all those sky touching mountains with the awe-inspiring front drop of green valleys and rivers. And you may be wandering why “Doctor Strange” was filmed in Nepal. It is because Nepal is simply the best in rendering the perfect setting for all the photography and videography needs.

So, you may be in dilemma, what to capture then. Then, you are here to tell you just that. Some of the subject (that’s what you call) to capture and cherish for the rest for your life are:


Nobody seems to get enough of those mountains, so how can we? Nepal is known all over the world particularly for those mountains. Nepal is the home of Mt. Everest (8848M), Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586M), Mt. Makalu (8156M), Mt Lhotse (8516M) and the list goes on. Many travelers enters Nepal just to have the glimpse of these mountains. The best part is that you camera will not capture mountains only as the mountains are well accompanied by the green valley’s and rivers.

Colorful Bazaars

Nepal is all not just bumpy roads and mountains, as there is still plethora of subject to capture. And among such subject, colorful bazaars are one. Thamel, the back packer’s paradise at the heart of Kathmandu offers some of the colorful pictures for your lens partner. The artifacts and handicrafts perfectly displayed at the side of road, the night life, relatively silent aisles, will certainly cheer up you and your expensive piece of hardware.

And if somebody is talking about the bazaars, then Pokhara simply cannot be forgotten. The beautiful city of lakes, is the home to happy and happening night life. The lakes, the temples, adventures like Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and close view of mountains are all the subjects that is quite hard to find in the same place. But you are lucky because you are in Pokhara.

Daily Life of People

Nepal still has not gone crazy with the chaotic and monotonous robotic life. People seem happy and are busy doing the daily chores. In the daily lifestyle of people, Jatras has its own significance. The large gathering of people for celebrating the god and the power is simply admirable. The mountainous landscapes front dropped by those rugged paths and green patched field will assure the breath of fresh air to you camera. The locally celebrated festivals, the cuisine, customs, social gathering, will certainly give you more colorful shots.

Architectural Masterpieces

Architectural Masterpieces of Nepal is never ending, and guess what every year new one emerges. But let’s keep the new one aside and talk about the old one. Nepal, the nation where Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslims lives together and guess what they love this unique bonding. So, the point is Nepal has the temples of Hindus, Stupas of Buddhist as well. The Buddhist monk in their maroon attire roaming around the Gompas, and the Sadhus roaming around Hindu Temple is regular sight for the spectators. The pagoda style Hindu temple and dome shaped stupas will surely allure you.

Nepal has a lot of places to capture which is difficult to mention in this blog post. So, please check following Photography Tour Aarya Tara has to offer.

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