Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Nepal

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Nepal

The magnificence of Nepal is well known among all the travel enthusiast. The Pinnacle Mountains, accompanied by colorful culture and festivals, wildlife, thundering rivers and the happening cities is what Nepal renders to you. Nepal is beautiful and all these admirable beauty can be difficult to absorb in short time as geography can be difficult. There is always possible ways to reach and witness the place of natural serenity of Nepal. And one of such ways is helicopters. The comfortable and safe Heli ride to some of the intriguing places of Nepal is nothing more than piece of heaven in this land. Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Nepal is all worth your money and time and you will be flying over some of the appealing and endearing places of Nepal.

The treks and hikes you do to reach the hidden gems of Nepal is all worthwhile. The enriching experience you can gather by doing trekking, hiking, etc. is beyond imagination. But trekking and hiking may not be everybody’s forte as the altitude can be challenging sometimes and you might have less time to spend, and that’s when comfortable and fast Heli ride just fits in.

Heli Ride

The ultimate Heli ride above the nature’s wonderland including snowcapped mountains, wildlife, rivers, colorful cities is engaging. To put it in words, Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Nepal is the final answer to your quest of searching the heaven in this part of the world. As you might already know, Nepal is particularly famous for the blistering mountains, so, there is no way our Helicopter Rides will miss these White Mountains. But there is whole lot to explore in Nepal. The mind boggling villages with thundering rivers running through them, equally enthralling wildlife, barren gorges, dense forest, are only few to name.

Nepal is the home to eight mountains with the altitude of more than 8000M. So, all these mountains will be ready to welcome you as you will feel the soothing cool breeze of air in your comfortable ride. Helicopter may not give you the chance to see all the minute details of architecture and Gompas far from the sky, but we can promise, it certainly adds new dimension to your Heli ride.

The aerial view of grass lands, mountains, the cities, rivers, lakes, from the comfort of helicopter is lavish and admirable at the same time. Here is the good news for you, in the recent years the helicopter business has been booming in Nepal and more the helicopter, less the price and more the safety and facilities. So, it is completely upon you to choose the best Heli Company and Aarya Tara Travels and Tours happens to be expert in choosing the best.

So, sit back and relax as Aarya Tara’s Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Nepal is here to take you the journey of your life.

Aarya Tara Travels and Tours has been offering Heli rides to following places:

  1. Muktinath Helicopter Sightseeing
  2. Everest Helicopter Sightseeing